Calvisius Tradition Elite – Caviar 500 g

Calvisius Tradition Elite – Caviar 500 g for your everyday joy or events.

• Species: Pacific White sturgeon, Acipenser trasmontanus
• Origins of the species: North American West coast, from Alaska to Southern California
• Size of the fish: large, may grow to 800kg or 1760 lbs and can be as long as 6m or 19’
• Roe diameter: extra-large, 3.2 mm and up
• Color: dark grey, ebony, amber tones
• Texture: silky and light with exceptionally large sized roe
• Character: perfectly elegant and balanced
• Aromatic notes: slightly fruity with soft nutty and buttery notes, reminiscent of the most delicate nuances of the sea.

Flavor notes: Tradition Prestige Elite has very large eggs that are silky and have elegant notes. Creamy, buttery flavors arrive first as hints of seaweed yield to a long, impressive clean finish. Tradition Elite exhibits deep umami flavors with added nuttiness.

The taste of this caviar is perfectly balanced with round notes, combining delicate nuances of the sea with light, buttery flavors of pastry.
Recommended combination: Brut Champagne or Satèn (premium Franciacorta) bubbles. Serve on mother of pearl spoons as-is, to enjoy it in its purity. Or, harness Tradition’s buttery creaminess atop avocado or boiled potatoes to let its luxurious notes come forward.

Time required to harvest: 14 to 15 years

Shelf life: 90 days, unopened, from ship date

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