Tecnovita M1200C Scala Massage Chair

The Tecnovita M1200C Scala Massage Chair is configured as a new concept. Thanks to the air, you’ll achieve full relaxation and a level of wellbeing you’ve only dreamed of. Through Scala’s full massage system with over 40 perfectly synchronised airbags, your body will be massaged, muscle by muscle, from head to toe, just like an expert masseuse would do it, with Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu and music therapy massages.

– Zero G function: Yes
– Controller Yes
– Music therapy: Yes
– Length: 130 cm
– Width: 93 cm
– Height: 121 cm
– Weight: 120 kg
– Reclined dimensions: 205 x 93 x 78 cm

– Head (4 airbags): The head and shoulder massage makes the head relax completely and reduces fatigue, giving you a feel of being refreshed and reinvigorated.
– Hands (16 airbags): The innovative extra long airbag design in four sections means you can massage the elbows, wrists, palms and fingers all at the same time.
– Legs and knees (6 airbags): The airbags on either side of the leg completely cover the important acupuncture zones on the legs and knees. It stretches, expands and relaxes ligaments and muscles. This also helps with blood circulation.
– Back (6 airbags): Feel like the weight is lifted from your shoulders, back and waist. Feel relieved and a lovely light feel right across your body.
– Thighs (5 airbags): The thigh airbags press both sides of the thigh to promote blood circulation, they fit perfectly around the thigh curves and can effectively relieve fatigue in this area.
– Ankles and soles (10 airbags): Designed to relax the ankles and feet.

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